“Pack and go” were the words I heard from a fellow classmate several years ago when I asked her about her travelling experiences. These words remain engraved in my head, and since the past year I started my own “pack and go” experience.

2009 New York, Brooklyn Bridge
2009 New York, Brooklyn Bridge

After several trips with friends, I wanted to explore other places and solo, I planned to get out of the country and go to the place where I call home. My first trip was back to Angola on December 2014 to visit my family. For the first time after 12 years, I left the American soil. The trip was more like a dream than reality, and even though I have been back for almost a year now, that experience is still one I cherish the most. A couple of months later after returning from Angola, I went to my very first solo adventure.

Luanda, Angola
Luanda, Angola 2014

I packed my bag and went to Mexico, Acapulco (YEAH!). My first solo “pack and go” experience was a trip to the country of Mexico. I spent my spring break there on March 2015 alone. Most people are not keen of Mexico because of how the media portrays the country. Well, I went, I had a great time, and I will definitely visit Mexico again. My trip to Mexico was just the start of my “pack and go” adventure to see the world and its marvelous sites.

My list of places I want to visit is long and I plan to bring you along with me. Follow my blog and learn a bit from me about the magic of traveling. I am excited to share my new experiences and share my past experiences as well. I plan to be as detailed as possible, and hopefully you will be bitten by a bug called the traveling bug like I did several years ago. I want to inspire you to see the world as well. Whether I am just catching a plane to a nearby city, or planning to visit a completely different country, let’s pack and go together.

11 thoughts on ““PACK AND GO”

  1. Nice!! Life is one big adventure. There are so many beautiful places out there, I too will experience them through your blog 😎


  2. This is such a beautiful blog! I can’t wait for more updates. I’m inspired to travel even if it is a solo trip. Thanks for sharinf!


  3. I am absolutely in love with this blog! You’ve inspired me to take a trip somewhere unfamiliar and to enjoy the adventure. Can’t wait for more posts!


  4. Such a wonderful blog. One thing I learned from you would be time waits for no one. You can travel alone and still have fun. I’m looking forward to more things you’ll post.


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