Solo Traveling Ain’t That Bad

I get asked often:

Why do I travel solo and don’t I feel lonely?

Am I not scared to travel solo?
What do I do when I travel solo?

Well, let me begin by saying that I love traveling with my girls and I have enjoyed every girl trips we have had in the past. But, is not always possible for everyone to come to together and travel; therefore, I choose to go alone whenever I get the opportunity to travel.

Now the question is why exactly do I travel alone, or do I feel lonely while traveling alone? I do not mind being alone at places that I have never been before. I prefer my alone moments while I’m traveling for many. I explore the place at the time I want and when I want. There are no constraints, I make all the decisions and I go about my day without having to worry about anyone else. It is simple, is peaceful, is calming and is good for the soul to travel alone. Not once or ever did I feel alone while on my solo adventures. I get so focused on my plans that I pay no attention to the fact that I am alone. Therefore, I travel alone because I like it.

 Central Park, NY Summer 2011
Central Park, NY
Summer 2011

As far as being scared goes, I am not scared of being alone at an unknown place. I am still new to this travel alone thing, but not once have I ever felt my life was in danger. I know bad things happen and being alone makes me vulnerable but that does not scare me. I do not put myself in any danger and I stay in safe areas.

When I travel alone is easier to do what I want so I make my “itinerary plan”. I do lots of research of where I am going and plan out what I am going to do each day. Plans do not always go as planned, sometimes I have to cross somethings out of the list and some things come along the way that I did not plan. Overall, I am always well prepared according to what I want to do, and if something new comes along the way I am happy to do it. For example, during my trip to Panama City I did not plan to go to the Panama Canal. But, I was sitting in a restaurant and when I googled the canal it was only 25 minutes away from where I was, I figured out how to get there and I went to the canal.

Here is my advice piece to You:
Travel with friends, travel with family and travel alone. Do not let someone else’s situation ruin your traveling plans.

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