When I told others I was going to Mexico the responses were not positive. They were nervous and concerned about my well being because of how the media portrays the country of Mexico and many other countries. The media exposes many countries or continents negatively, and that creates stereotypes and diminishes the credibility of the place. I am not one to say that Mexico is a safe place but I will not call it unsafe either.

Spring break was approaching and I decided to be spontaneous and go somewhere unique. My options were Mexico, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. I kept researching the places to make the decision that would benefit me more. I researched the beaches, I read the reviews of other travelers who had been to these places alone, and after more research it came down to Mexico. Acapulco Beach in Guerrero was my spring break destination of choice. On March 16, 2015, I packed my bags and I went to Acapulco on a solo adventure.

On my second day in Mexico, I had the opportunity to visit the outskirts off the tourist area. As the cab drove past the town all I could think of is how much the place resembled my home country, Angola. People were selling items such as clothes and CD, and they had it displayed outside. There were restaurants with big open windows and you could see the meat being prepared inside the restaurant. There were locals everywhere, and loud music was being played in certain stores, and it could be heard from outside since the windows and doors were wide open. I loved getting away from the area where I was and being around the locals it felt as if I was home.

The next day I went on a boat ride. People were very kind to me that the guy who sold the tickets offered to take me to the location where the boat picked up the customers. The boat guider pointed out a couple of interesting places along the way, and made the ride as entertaining as possible with jokes and games. In the boat I met a group of tourists from Ecuador and they invited me to La Quebradera Cliff to watch the divers, it is a must see if you visit Acapulco.

2015-03-17 17.03.02

When the divers entered, there were about 6 of them and two of them were very young about 10 to 12 years old. They were jumping from a very high cliff and they went up at different levels. The younger ones were at a lower level of the cliff, and there was only one at the very top. The divers are very talented, and watching them dive was as if I was watching a movie. I am sure it takes a lot of practice, courage and resistance to do something as amazing as that.

My last day I spent it at beach, and at the hotel pool relaxing and reading a book. An opportunity to jet skiing came up and since it was my first time I debated on it but I went for it. I enjoyed every minute of it, I was glad to add it to my list of the spontaneous things I did while traveling. I spent the rest of my day soaking up the sun because the next day I was returning back to cold Chicago.

My overall visit to Mexico was a brilliant one. I did everything I wanted to do and more. Acapulco is overlooked at and travelers would rather visit known places such as Cancun, islands like Barbados and Jamaica because is where everyone goes. I chose Acapulco or its gorgeous beach, great atmosphere and my desire to expand my traveling boundaries, best decision I made. The trip to Mexico was also a bargain the prices there are fairly low, and some activities I did were free thankful to the good people I met there. Mexico, I will definitely visit it again.

2015-03-19 08.44.18

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