Research Before Traveling

Central Park, NY
Central Park, NY

Research is the foundation of your travel. The importance of doing your research before a trip is extreme because it helps with the planning process. Without research you are simply going blind to a place that you have never been before.

My trip planning constantly begins with where I would love to travel. I prefer to have several places as options because I compare and contrast each location. Price range, sightseeing, food, heritage, geography, transportation, along with hotels and other forms of necessities are just a few of the categories that I look at while I research each location. It is alright to add more to your list. Here are a few things to consider while you do the research.


The location where you choose to stay is very important, because from there you have to be able to get around. I support local businesses; therefore, I choose to stay with locals at a location where I can reach local businesses. Before I book the place where I choose to stay, I do a research on what surrounds the area. I look at restaurants, grocery stores and shops around the area, and if there are none I look at how far it is to get to them. I prefer my location to be close to the main attractions but if it is not I look at how I will be able to travel from point A to point B.


Remember that the form transportation you choose is how you will get to the remarkable placed that you plan to visit. Whether you choose public transportation or private transportation be aware of what the cost of each will be. No one wants to spend all their money on Uber, Lyft or any other form of transportation. In a country like Panama taking a cab was very inexpensive, but in a US city depending on the destination it may be very costly. Do a good research on how far the places you want to visit are and what will be the best choice of transportation.

  • FOOD

I am a foodie with a preference of delicious authentic food. Why travel for several hours to eat the same food that you could eat at home? Well, I make sure I research restaurants, I read reviews and let’s not forget the prices. Most people think that to eat good food you have to pay a lot, let me tell you from experience that good food doesn’t have to empty out your wallet. Grocery shopping can also be a good option for food rather than eating out all your stay time.

Remember, the plan is to have and enjoy yourself so get to know the place where you are going before you make the trip. Research will save you so much time once you get to your destination. Google is my best friend before I go to any trip and also once I get there. Have fun and do not get lost.


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